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I tend to not do critiques, but I must since the other one seem weird I feel like I must do this. I love how the cool colors work well ...



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I know this is late for V-Day, but I had this thought for a while on who are my favorite couples in my stories with explanation on them. Think of it as an insight and knowing what will happen in the stories to judge how you like them.
Runner-ups were: Keith and Sharlene, Dan and Lily, Amanda and Cody, Alice and Jack, Aja and Corve

10. AJ and Jerrick - I like this couple. I really do even though I'm starting out with them. I see them as the polar opposite/reverse rolls couple. JM, I know you would disagree with me, but AJ is the girl that is like an anime character (a 'tsundere'), but when anyone comes near Jerrick, she goes into protective mode. Jerrick (to me) seems like the 'I'm-a-total-badass' guy that would like to protect AJ, but she finds a way to wiggle out of it and say she doesn't want that (when she really does), and he has to find ways to break her out of that phase. Overall, they love each other despite an age gap and have a romance that few people see in public.

9. Max and Sammi - The couple that throughout all odds with what the world throws at them, they love each other. Even though they were childhood friends, Max sees past Sammi's disability to walk after a sickness and just love her for who she is. Sammi thinks that in order to make Max happy is to become someone she is not, which the boy always tells her that he loves her no matter what. I like to deem them as the power couple; going against temptations and urges to deny one another from the love they very much cherish.

8. Jacob and Annie - After ending a weird, near FWB moment deal with Alex for Jacob and a breakup with her ex and before Marcus for Annie, the two was attracted to each other. Jacob being there for Annie when she was down and Annie being there for Jacob when he needs some advice. Jacob wanted to officially date Annie, but finds her too much like a housewife to someone else, which she agrees on. Despite that, the two sometimes have tense moments when left alone as if the longing love between them is there, but sadly never coming out.

7. Tucker and Lisa - The typical farmer boy and city girl. Total opposites that despised each other, but slowly start to know each other then love each other. Both were stubborn to admit that they like each other like Tucker claims to not like care about her yet gets her out of near accidents around the farm and Lisa with trying to help around the house. Despite coming from different backgrounds, they both found a meeting point.

6. Annie and Marcus - With Annie and Marcus, it's an angel rescuing her main subject. Annie has the patience to deal with the problems that Marcus may be suffering through. She won't speak until Marcus is finished with his problems or if she senses something bad will happen if she doesn't stop the madness. In a way, Marcus is helping Annie out with her inner demons of loss from her past. She may be a mix of the 50's housewife and old fashioned Japanese woman, but she can guard and protect Marcus with her life is she must.

5. Lane and Victor with Annie and Marcus - With Victor trying to become successful in the business world, he is suffering through pain from knowing about his true past. With that, Lane, who has been his friend since high school, she wants to help heal those wounds. Throughout that, they learn to start learn more about each other, earning the growing relationship status. They both are considered weird among some people, but that's an extra bonus for them to grow upon.

4. Chelsie and Kaleb with Kyle and Margaret - Chelsie and Kaleb has the cute puppy love than Kyle and Margaret. However, despite being different species, Kaleb vows to protect Chelsie enforcing a soon to be romantic bond between the two. They don't have a very big sex based love, but when they do feel the urge it's the best.
Now Kyle and Margaret's love is the opposite but not terrible. They both need each other like Margaret needs Kyle to bring her out of depression and he needs her to show him the missing compassion. Without each other, Margaret would go missing and Kyle would be destroying the world. They also like to switch roles when it comes down to 'doing the do'.

3. Alex and Kal - Ok JM, I don't know why, but apparently your persona made it here. I honestly don't know how, but I like this pairing because they both need saving. When people, both in some stories and IRL, wonders why Alex has a mate and not be an 'independent woman with adoptive kids' it is because she has her own personal demons that requires her needing someone taking them away. Meaning that only Kal can because he seems to be going some things on his own. Alex wants blood and not water meaning she wants someone who is not obligated (family) to help her, but someone who can try helping her. She doesn't want someone who let her get away with things (Jacob) or someone who wants full control of her (an ex). Kal is the perfect in between guy without knowing it. Maybe that's why I like them together. It may seem like an abusive relationship to the people on the outside as if Kal is the one getting the worst part, but really that's how they act. Alex is embarrassed or scared to show her affection to the outside world (has a very solemn face), but knows how to treat her man with respect (that people still can't see). I applaud the two.

2. Josh and Sherry - Sherry came from a tough background while Josh came from one with morals that he likes to follow. Even though Sherry first hated Josh for having a better past, she needs the sternness that Josh has to keep her at bay before making brash decisions that got her into a lot of trouble. Josh wants to save the girl from doing anything to ruin herself for he use to know her as a quiet, nice girl back in high school.

1. Linden and Rose - I deemed them my most favorite. A girl that was once an addict, wanting to change, but lost the trust of her old friends and family, and a man who saved her, is helping her break from addiction and slowly gain each other trusts. Everyone in the real world knows that if you know someone with addiction you either A) Want to help him/her or B) Don't want to help them because you think they might betray you in any way. Linden, despite knowing the risks, brought Rose to his house and slowly but has to stop her roller-coaster life from spiraling downhill.
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