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Two Sides of the Same Person by AJInu-Okami Two Sides of the Same Person :iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 2 3 Charcoal Project Finished by AJInu-Okami Charcoal Project Finished :iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 16 62
I Would Like to Love You
I hate you.
Those were the first sentence that AJ thought of when she first saw Jerrick.
I can’t stand you. You are nothing more than a womanizing Beofang, and I hate womanizers.
She saw how everyone in the mansion was taking interest in him. They never seen a Beofang before, so of course dramens are excited (and wary) of new species.
Lex was trying to charm him, Alex said her ‘hi’ and left, everyone was just picking a conversation with him. Not AJ though. She was at a far distance from the group and wants to keep it that way.
AJ knows about his past, which includes him being with a lot of women, or females in anthro term. She did not like the thought of anyone, whether male or female, being with a lot of people without much thought into their action. She just hates the idea of screw and run.
If that wasn’t the only thing about Jerrick she hates was his over-violent past too. AJ may be violent herself, but at least she expresses it by beating falle
:iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 6 35
A Confession
I have a confession to make. I am an addict. It’s a horrible addiction that I have since I was 13 years old and I can’t shake it off! I went to get help, or ‘counseling’ as the adults told me, but it all didn’t help. The really bad part about my addiction is that I know about it! I know I’m an addict, but I keep doing it.
*Sigh* So…I’m going to tell you my struggles through this addiction and confess to myself and everyone else. I’m…a sweets addict!
Let me tell you how bad it has gotten. When I was 13, I tried the Burblegon drink, which is a Dragonian juice that is really sweet that it can make a normal Earthling like me die from a heart attack, but guess what?! I drank it, but that’s not all! I drank 4 of them after I finished the last one!
I also stock my ENTIRE house with sweets and my bedroom in the dramens’ mansion. When I mean stock, I LITERALLY MEAN STOCK! My pillows aren’t really pillows at all. The
:iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 3 22
Maids for the Different Master
Maids for the Different Master
Introductory/Maid Sheet
Hello and welcome to the Davent Mansion. It’s so nice for you to come and visit. Want some tea and snacks? No? Just interviewing me? Well, that’s nice of you, but I’m warning you that I’m not interesting. I’m just a man who had been unlucky with some things before striking rich. I think it’s best for you to find things about the maids more interesting than me. Best to write it down, ok?
Age: 27
Species: Red fox
Occupation of the mansion: The Chief Maid
Info: Alex is known as the Chief Maid of Davent Mansion. She first started working here at age 18 with the very first master of the place. She needed some money, so she decided to take the job of a maid. The woman wasn’t alone for there were other maids too, but she was the busiest of them all. The master saw that and made her the head maid, or The Chief. Since she was head maid, Alex had the most and some complicating jobs while
:iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 1 10
Mature content
You Impress Me :iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 1 6
Self-portrait Finished by AJInu-Okami Self-portrait Finished :iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 15 36 In progress - Self portrait by AJInu-Okami In progress - Self portrait :iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 1 33
Where are They Now? - Velma's side
Where are They Now? – Velma’s side
Velma: The smart, talented, and the youngest member of the Mystery Inc. gang. She was the one that likes to think before acting on scary situations (and tend to lose her glasses too). Velma liked to read mystery books and do science projects that she always got first place in them.
During a mystery with her friends, Velma was very mature despite her age. She liked looking for clues and solving the mystery. She was a natural when she already figured out who was doing the monster running around.
All of Velma’s time in mystery solving with her friends came to an end after college. The whole group had fun doing it, but it was more of a hobby than an actual career. They weren’t even getting paid for it.
Velma said her finally goodbyes to her friends and split from the group first. She didn’t regret it; no one did actually. It was fun while it lasted.
Back to the main point, the young woman decided to open up her own book store
:iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 2 14
A Simple Valentine's
A Simple Valentine’s
“Here, take these,” Galileo had his head down to hide his blush as he pushed the roses toward Alexis.
“Um, thank you Galileo, but if you wanted anything from me-“
“I know, I know. You won’t do anything sexual because you’re asexual, but that’s not what I’m trying to ask.”
The man shuffled nervously, trying to figure out how to ask the question. He looked back up to see Alexis, the woman he admired ever since she first came to Mordicus, sniffed the roses.
“I-I,” Galileo took a deep breath, “I want to take you out on a date!”
Alexis looked at him, “Galileo…”
“I promise I wouldn’t do any moves to scare you, a-and if you don’t enjoy the date I promise I would leave you alone after today.”
Alexis turned around and crossed her arms. The man sighed and held his head down. He felt rejected again even after pouring his heart
:iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 0 0
Valentine's Day at the Hot Springs
Valentine’s Day at the Hot Springs
AJ was sitting on her couch eating miniature cupcakes when a pamphlet was in front of her face, startling her and nearly dropped her cupcake pack.
“AJ~” said a voice, “we are going here today.”
The young wolf girl looked behind her and saw Lex holding the pamphlet with a wide grin.
“Why would I want to go there?” she asked. “I’m spending SAD day with me, myself, and these cupcakes. They are the only true love I have in my life.”
“See? That attitude always leaves you out of the fun stuff,” said Lex. “We are going there and not just you.”
“Oh really?” the fourteen year old raised her eyebrow.
“Alex, Alexis, Emily, Samantha, Alice, Annie, and Max are coming too.”
“But, isn’t Sammi and Max dating, so wouldn’t this ‘alone and single’ day be ruined by them?”
“Silly hybrid. Samantha will be in the hot springs w
:iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 0 4
Mordicus's Life P 3
Mordicus’s Life: Water Shores
Another elemental area is called Water Shores, home of the Water dragons and dramens.
That area is basically around the main area close to the water. The beaches are where the residents live on, but the strange thing is is that the sand is submerged a bit under the water and the homes have water in them. So, the floor level of the homes is like a giant puddle.
Each home is made out of coral, seashells, and seaweed. In some homes that live more in the deep end of the water, the coral home is still attached to the coral in the sea. Don’t worry, coral on Mordicus are stronger to hold, withstand, and keep things in tact than on Earth.
Sometimes, tides flood the residents’ home, but due to their ability to swim, hold their breaths for a long time, and maneuver in water, it’s not a bad thing. In fact, they love the tides so much that every time it happens, a celebration is being made.
These creatures are playful, energetic, and very nice
:iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 0 6
Mordicus's Life P 2
Mordicus’s Life: Volcano Valley and Islands
One of the four elemental areas is known as Volcano Valley and its islands, home of the fire dragons and dramen.
It lives up to its name by having a giant volcano smack dead in the middle of the valley. The place itself is covered in ash, molten lava, and small pebbles and rocks. The islands were created by the volcano past eruptions.
Hard to live at, right? Not for the residents there. They love being surrounded by those features and needs to be around it for fire or anything hot keeps them alive and going.
The residents, dragons and dramens alike, depend on the volcano and the hotness of the place. They are known to be ‘born’ from the ashes and lava of it, and somewhat dependent on it. Dragons and dramens made homes from the molting lava around them and did a method of cooling them down quickly. Those houses look like regular homes on Earth just dark and have a weird design to them.
Now, let’s talk about the resident
:iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 0 144
Mature content
D:NGD Arc 1 Ch 1 :iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 1 12
Mature content
Demon Queen's Anger :iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 0 39
Mordicus's Life P 1
Mordicus’s Life: The Planet Itself
Many believe that there are other planets just like Earth in different universes. A lot of people built space satellites to go out of our universe to explore the beyond, but they never came back and were left wandering around with the battery, its life source, dead. Those people never got the chance to know how right they were. A planet in a different universe just like ours is out there. It was called Mordicus.
This planet was far from the Milky Way indeed. It is a third planet like Earth, has a sun, other planets revolving that same sun, moons, anything you can think of. But, that universe, those planets too are different than our universe and planets.
Instead of a yellow sun, that sun is bright blue, that third planet is bigger, no, more huge than Earth, and each planet has life forms living there. Enough talking about the universe; let’s talk about the planet itself.
Mordicus, a planet that is third from the big, blue sun. Its distance
:iconajinu-okami:AJInu-Okami 0 16
This is my stuff! My stuff! It's my art stamp by minas-stamps
Watch my scraps too :)


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Romantic Embrace :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,500 122


by Karbo

I tend to not do critiques, but I must since the other one seem weird I feel like I must do this. I love how the cool colors work well ...



You know what makes me smile? People are watching me despite being gone for so long. How did I gain 4 new watchers? XD You guys are the best.


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I don't even know. But I'm not giving up on art. At first, I was bursting with ideas and then it went away. I may just start a writing series that mimics my diary but with talking about my progress with art in order to stick around here. HOWEVER, I am still bursting with stories. Those haven't died away. I have some entries so far with some stories dealing with romances (hopeless romantic right her'), so my main MAIN story is off on the sidelines.

*Phew* But other than that, I had an alright 2016. It was FAR better than my 2015 year. It wasn't great but it sure as hell wasn't shitty. That I can tell you. The semester in college I got straight A's, accepted into a four-year place, and can now say I had a year worth of Japanese. Seems pretty decent to me. I really have good vibes for 2017.

Hope everyone is doing fine so far. No promises I will be fully back like how I was during my middle and high school years (joined in 2011), but I will try to make an effort if something comes up.
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AJ Inu-Okami
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A lover to writing and drawing. I won't sway away from what I love no matter what. If you have any questions, please ask nicely and I may help you.

Let me introduce you to my sonas:
AJ - My main sona who is an okamimi
Shira AJ - My evil okamimi sona
Mochet - My persona from a different time and place
Aj - My fursona

Starrywish's quote about bronies saying MLP is more than a kids show - "They do this by saying. "LOOKIT all the references it makes! little kids can't understand them!"
Then by your standards then Family Guy must be a show for everyone. It has references pouring out of it's ass."

"I can't remember when I didn't know what sex was. I didn't know the /exact/ mechanics of it, I just thought people got naked and rolled around in a bed...But still"

"Like an asian Jackie Chan" - Vash12349

Person A: "...You know, I never got these transformation sequences in anime.
What do you suppose the villain was doing while these transformations were taking place? Stare at them? File his nails? Whistle a tune? Make dinner? I don't even."
Person B: "Actually, I'm fairly sure that the transformation sequences only take a second in anime time. Meaning: if this was in real life, it would take a second. But because this an anime, the transformations are shown for the viewer's benefits. Hope that helps :D"

":sniff: *Looks at me* She ain't seeing me crying *Turns away*"-Sis.
"We are the brokest city in Illinois!" "You saying 'brokest' just proved how poor we are!" -Students at school
"You're welcome...bitch" "With a wedgie up your ass"-Sis and friend

DA family:
DA sisters: :iconheathertrelawney: :iconkalza: :iconxxbelovedxxdreamerxx: :icontwistedartsticmind: :iconthe-legend-of-burai: :iconkitsunefire7:
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:bulletblue: Requests

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I can draw: Humans, landscapes

Can't draw: Anthros, animals

Will not draw: MLP related things, Hetalia related things, Yaoi, Incest/twincest, Twilight

What I am/love to do: DA Writer by Wearwolfaa DA Artist Stamp by Wearwolfaa Warning: Amateur Artist stamp by ArtJockeyKC I go on deviantArt More by fear-the-brilliance Respect, Faith, and Love by Saintbirdy :thumb379553693: :thumb379564048: :thumb379563437: :thumb379562945: :thumb379561253: :thumb379557083: :thumb379344788: :thumb379344041: :thumb379337829: :thumb379337585: :thumb379337369: .:Dirty Mind Stamp:. by Viten :thumb377645490:
What I use: Corel Stamp by vasselli Adobe Photoshop CS3 Stamp by angelslain Sketchbook stamp by Da-Wabbit Paint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed
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Current Residence: Can't tell you!
Favourite genre of music: R&B, J-pop, K-pop, Smooth Jazz
Favourite style of art: Any type is fine by me, Anime but not too much of it.
MP3 player of choice: The one I have.
Favourite cartoon character: I have a ton!
Personal Quote: "Service with a smile? I'll show you service with a smile."


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